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Hi! I am excited that you are interested in working with me and joining team jcdSTRONG!

A little bit about myself… I have been competing as a natural, drug free bikini competitor since 2014 in the NPC, the NGA and the IPE. I self-coached myself in 2014 researching and applying science based knowledge that earned me a 3rd place finish at my first show. I decided I was passionate enough about the sport to invest (yes, coaches are an investment!) in a coach after my first show. I most recently earned my NGA Natural Bikini Pro card in October of 2016 winning Bikini Overall and then went on to receive a 2nd place and $2000 at the IFPA Pro Elite World Championships in November of 2016.

As your coach, in addition to dialing you into your best stage physique, your long term physical and mental health is my number one priority. That being said, this sport will push you both physically and mentally and as your coach my job is to ensure that you’re training to be competitive. I believe in prepping for a show in the healthiest manner possible while ensuring that we are setting high expectations and pushing hard in all aspects of show prep.

Here is what you can expect from me as your competition coach
• Individual and customized macro-nutrient plan OR individual and customized diet plan (NOTE: YOU MUST OWN A FOOD SCALE AND BE ABLE TO USE THE MYFITNESSPAL APP)
• Individual and customized weight training and cardio programs
• A list of recommended supplements
• Daily text check-ins and access to my cellphone number
• Weekly photo check-ins and program/diet alterations via. e-mail increasing in frequency as we approach your show date
• Detailed and customized peak week plan as well as daily communication via. text during peak week
• Detailed and customized show day plan as well as hourly communication via. text on show day
• 24 hour e-mail response to questions unless notified otherwise
• Posing sessions via. Skype
• Guidance on suit selection, shoes, hair, makeup, spray tan preparation and spray tan, jewelry, show selection and registration, ect.
Complimentary post competition reverse diet plan and check-ins for one month post competition to ensure you transition out of competition prep with a healthy mindset

Click here for pricing and package information.

Click here to read the FAQs.

Nitty Gritty
• To apply, click here. Please note a completed, submitted application does not guarantee you have been accepted to work with me
• Once you have applied and are approved (I decide to work with you and there is no wait list) a 25% down payment is required to get started
• All payments are submitted via. PayPal
• After 25% down payment is received you will receive a payment schedule for the remaining balance as well as all your customized training and nutrition programming within 48-72 hours unless notified otherwise
• Limited spots available
• I have the right to refuse to work with anyone I deem not physically or mentally ready to begin a prep
• I am not a registered dietitian, a nutritionist, or a certificated personal trainer. By working with me you acknowledge this and assume all risk of injury is personal responsibility

Refund Policy
The success of your prep and the success of your program can be determined by you and you alone. I can provide you with all the knowledge, feedback, and guidance but ultimately YOU are responsible for following through with the training and diet programs to the best of your ability. However, I fully understand that life happens. If, for any reason, you are unable to or wish no longer complete your programs or work with me I will refund you 100% of your remaining balance owed. Please note deposits are non-refundable.

Athlete Compliance Policy
The success for me as a coach (ultimately your own success) relies heavily on your ability to comply with my strategies and your ability to trust in me to make decisions in regards to diet, training and supplementation. Deliberate and repetitive actions that do not comply with my coaching instructions could result in the loss of my services as a prep coach without notice and your deposit will be non-refundable. This will be left up to my discretion as a coach in order to protect and maintain my brand and reputation.


To apply click here and we can get started!

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