10 things you should start doing in the morning… and working out isn’t one of them


I love mornings. I love the quiet, the calmness, the chance to start a brand new day. I believe that what you do every morning sets the tone for the rest of the day.

I am a morning person. I am at my best in the morning. I thrive in the morning. Those who aren’t morning people probably hate are extremely confused by us morning people… You might wonder how is it humanly possible to be an upbeat, alert, and happy person every. single. morning? Yes, every morning, even before we have coffee. Well my lovely readers, I am here to share my secrets with you…. and a morning workout in isn’t one of them. Even if you don’t fully become one of us (morning people) maybe you can learn a few things to better yourself and set yourself up for a more productive day. Happy Reading!

1. Wind down earlier, even on the weekends

So this isn’t a morning thing exactly, but it relates to your quality of sleep, which affects your morning. You’ve heard it time and time again, wind down earlier to get quality sleep. It’s such a simple concept, yet for many it’s a very difficult practice to master. When you’re used to being in “go, go, go” mode all day long it can be hard to unwind at the end of the day. In order to fall asleep faster you need to start turning off your mind earlier. Let your to-do list tasks wait until tomorrow. Stop checking your phone. Turn off the television. Stop THINKING so hard. In the beginning you might even have to say out loud to yourself, “Okay, I need to start winding down NOW” before it becomes a habit.

And yes, even on on the weekends, try to keep your sleep schedule regular, or at least somewhat regular. Your brain will thank you come Monday.

2. Don’t hit snooze

Don’t hit the snooze button. By hitting the snooze button you’re only avoiding the inevitable (actually getting out of bed). Getting out of bed is essentially the first thing you have to do every morning. You can’t avoid it. If you’re hitting snooze you’re signaling your brain that it can go back into sleep mode, confusing both your brain and your body, leaving you feeling groggy and disoriented when you finally get out of bed. As soon as you hear your alarm go off, actually get out of bed. Don’t hit snooze. You have to do it eventually, might as well sooner rather than later. Don’t avoid the first task of the day… conquer it.

3. Listen to your anthem

Whether it’s in the shower, while you cook breakfast, or during your morning commute listen to a song that boosts your spirits and puts you in a good mode or makes you smile (Katy Perry “Roar” on repeat).

4. Stay off social media

It is just me or does social media tend to have a black hole effect? You innocently log onto Facebook with the intention of “just checking your messages” for “just one minute” and the next thing you know you it’s been 30 minutes and you have 3 tabs open to BuzzFeed cat memes, a full shopping cart on Victoria’s Secret, and a Facebook chat going with your family about your cousins wedding next month. OH and you’re running late for work, or to meet your friend, or for your doctor’s appointment…

If you check social media first thing in the morning, you’re bombarding your brain with distractions and information. Your brain can only handle so much information at one time before it wears down. Why start wearing your brain down first thing in the morning? Stay off social media until you have real time to dedicate to it and focus on it. And it’ll keep you on schedule so you don’t get distracted (wait, another engagement?) and you won’t end up running late the rest of the day.

5. Keep your bedroom organized

The first thing you see, in theory, when you wake up is your bedroom. Imagine if your bedroom was a mess everyday. Then the first thing you’d see every morning is a mess. That’s no fun. Waking up in a messy, chaotic atmosphere isn’t cute. You’re an adult now, not a toddler with toys (clothes) thrown everywhere. A messy room sets the tone for a messy, chaotic day. Not to mention the time you might waste searching for your other black dress sock. If your room is organized, your morning is likely to get off to a smoother start, paving the way for a less chaotic day. Just keep it clean.

6. Eat breakfast

Breakfast = Food. Food = Energy. Energy = Productivity. Enough said. Eat breakfast.

7. Allow for extra time

Allow a little extra time in the morning. If you know you tend to lolly gag, get up (no really, get out of bed don’t just hit snooze see point #2) a little earlier so you aren’t running around like a chicken with your head cut off trying to get out the door in time to meet the bus. Allowing for extra time takes the pressure off trying to do x, y, z in a limited amount of time. You’ll have extra time to make a nice breakfast and pack a lunch. Or, if you happen to spill coffee on your shirt as you walk out the door you have time to go and change. You’ll be able to focus more and think more clearly if you’re not rushing around. Maybe then you’ll be less likely to forget something. Your morning routine sets the tone for the day and if you’re rushing around, then you’re setting yourself up for a frantic, rushed day. Wake up a little earlier, allow for a little extra time, and breath easier. It’s worth it trust me.

8. Decide what you’ll wear in the shower

Save yourself 5 minutes (and a little stress) and instead of standing in front of the closet in your towel staring blankly, decide what you’ll wear while you rinse and repeat. Better yet, set the outfit out the night before. Because pulling things on and off hangers, discovering stains, sifting through dozens of options all while coming to the realization that no matter how many clothes you have in your closet you’ll never have anything to wear isn’t very fun. Especially when you haven’t had coffee yet.

9. Drink water

The human body is made up of more than 60% water. After you wake up from sleeping, you’re in in dehydrated state. Re-hydrate by drinking water first thing when you wake up. It’ll help you feel alert, flush out toxins, and give you a little boost of energy. Plus, drinking lots of water is a great habit. Might as well jump on the hydration train starting first thing in the morning.

10. Reflect

Use your time in the morning to reflect. Whether your in the shower, brushing your teeth, meditating, or just killing time during your morning commute take a little time each morning to reflect on the tasks ahead. Take time to reflect and appreciate everything good in your life. Reflect on all the possibilities that lie ahead the rest of the day.

Are you a morning person? What do you do every morning that sets you up for a successful day?

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