Have your pasta and eat it to. 3 pasta dishes for fat loss*

Whether your fat loss diet (*fat loss is in relation to total calories consumed vs. total calories burned) allows for copious amounts of carbs, a moderate amount of carbs, or a finite amount of carbs pasta is something you can indulge in daily while still meeting your fat loss goals.  Continue reading

So…. what does show day really look like? A bikini competitor satire.

Finding ways to kill time…

From an audience perspective a bodybuilding competition can look like a number of things… utter ridiculousness, narcissism at it’s finest, awkward, weird, entertaining, fascinating, motivating ect. The list goes on.

From the bikini athlete perspective show day looks… long. Fun and exciting, but long. So whether you’re a first time competitor or a seasoned veteran, this one is for you.

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