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What competing is like on the other side

Before I get started, I want to make it clear I am by NO MEANS a “seasoned” or extremely experienced competition coach. My knowledge and experience of coaching girls is limited to the 4 months of coaching I have had since November, but let me tell you… it’s been quite a whirl wind and learning experience. Continue reading

So…. what does show day really look like? A bikini competitor satire.

Finding ways to kill time…

From an audience perspective a bodybuilding competition can look like a number of things… utter ridiculousness, narcissism at it’s finest, awkward, weird, entertaining, fascinating, motivating ect. The list goes on.

From the bikini athlete perspective show day looks… long. Fun and exciting, but long. So whether you’re a first time competitor or a seasoned veteran, this one is for you.

Continue reading

10 things you didn’t know (or maybe you did) about bikini competitors


If you haven’t noticed the number of females competing in bodybuilding shows in the bikini division is on the rise. To the average person we might just look like tanned, muscly barbies standing on stage in 5 inch high heels and sparkly bikinis, but there is a lot more to us than that… Continue reading