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Embracing Imperfection and Ditching Comparison

Its been a while since I have written. Over a year actually and it’s long overdue.

The reason I stopped blogging was because I found myself becoming frustrated with the fact that my blog wasn’t “perfect.” I found myself comparing it to other blog content, layout, photos, you name it and I compared, often falling short. My posts were never clever enough, my layout wasn’t as graphically pleasing and my photos weren’t the highest quality. So I did what I find myself often doing, I just stopped. Continue reading

10 things to be grateful for everyday

10 things to be greatful for everyday

My life has been busy, like really busy, the last month or so. When my life gets busy I (we?) tend to fly from one activity to the next without really thinking, without really taking it all in and without being fully present in the moment. When my stress builds up and my to-do lists seem never ending I stop appreciating my warm bed, my comfortable job and my fridge full of good food. I stop taking in breaths of fresh air. I stop noticing the morning sunrises and appreciating the everyday comforts of my life. I stop noticing the little things and I forget that there is so much to be grateful for every day. Continue reading

10 things you should start doing in the morning… and working out isn’t one of them


I love mornings. I love the quiet, the calmness, the chance to start a brand new day. I believe that what you do every morning sets the tone for the rest of the day. Continue reading

Why I dislike the word “perfect”

I am a words person. I love words. I think words have meaning. I think words have value. I think words leave impressions and I think words have the power to influence. Lately I have been thinking a lot about the word “perfect.” What it means, what it symbolizes, and how it is used in our daily vocabulary. And to be honest, I dislike the word “perfect.” Why are we so quick to call people perfect? To label things as perfect? To strive for the idea of perfection when it might not even exist? Continue reading

10 things you didn’t know (or maybe you did) about bikini competitors


If you haven’t noticed the number of females competing in bodybuilding shows in the bikini division is on the rise. To the average person we might just look like tanned, muscly barbies standing on stage in 5 inch high heels and sparkly bikinis, but there is a lot more to us than that… Continue reading