Client Testimonials

Krystal, 15 weeks building, 15 weeks dieting

“Julie is extremely knowledgeable and I trusted her completely throughout this entire process. She knows what the judges are looking for and altered my training and nutrition accordingly. Even though my show is now over, I plan on continuing to work with her through my improvement season and next prep.”

Sara, 18 weeks

“She has impressed me with her first-hand knowledge of preparing for/competing in body building competitions, efficient organizational skills, and her personal compassion during the highs and lows that come with a prep. I came to Julie with 2 years prior experience with new goals and aspirations for my future in the sport. These new goals included (but were not limited to) dieting for an extended amount of time, retaining more muscle mass in that time, as well as reaching an overall more conditioned physique with special consideration to my legs. Julie’s approach was personally tailored to achieve my desired outcome in a healthy, and effective way. I feel as though I have matured as an athlete as a result of working with her. I fully appreciate her coaching style in which kept me motivated, accountable, and proud of what we were able to accomplish over the course of my 18 week prep.”

Brittany, 28 weeks

“Julie is an amazing, motivating, inspirational coach with such great experience and knowledge. She actively studies and works with you to personalize your plans based on your goals. I feel blessed to have found her because she has helped me not only sculpt a fierce physique that I am proud to present on stage but also guide me to learn more about my body and grow as an athlete.

Caitlin, 16 weeks
“Though my prep still has time to go, I can see my body changing every single day, and more importantly, I feel STRONG! The variety in the workout splits and slow and steady nutrition changes have kept me feeling strong in and out of the gym, and the tools Julie has given me have helped me excel in far more ways than I could have imagined! Although I am grateful for a lot of different things that have come with her coaching, one of the best is the balance between her understanding of my being a first-time competitor and her persistent push for me to be my very best! When I applied, I was tentative as to whether my choice of eating a vegan diet would make my prep harder, but she had no hesitation! Even when I doubt myself, I know that she will be there to support me throughout the entire prep, and I know that I made the right decision in choosing a coach! #jcdStrong!!”

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