Do you only work with competition clients?
Yes, right now I only work with women whose ultimate goal is to compete. I am happy to recommend other resources and coaches for those who only want to get in better shape.

Do you work with vegans or vegetarians?
Yes, I can work with vegans or vegetarians.

Do you only do macro nutrient plans?
No, while my preferred method of nutritional guidance is macro plans I am able to do custom meal plans if necessary. Ask me about this in your application! 

How many clients do you typically work with at a time?
I like to keep my client roster between 8-10 women at a time to ensure I am giving everyone the individual attention they need. 

Am I required to use a food scale?
Yes, to ensure accuracy and consistency you will be required to use a food scale daily for all meals. 

Can I pay more than 25% up front?
Yes, a 25% down payment is the minimum to get started. You can pay more or in full however, all deposits, regardless of the percent, are non-refundable.

What kind of training is expected of me?
The majority of my training plans are either 5-6 days a week and run for 8-9 weeks at a time. Clients will train using basic compound movements (bench, squat, dead lift, overhead press) and also utilize a variety accessory movements in order to shape the “ideal” competitive bikini physique. I utilize different rep and set ranges to encourage progressive overload. The workouts are challenging and meant for experienced lifters only. 

Am I required to take any supplements?
No, I do not require any supplements or drug use. I DO make suggestions for supplements that will benefit my clients recovery, fat loss, muscle retention and general health.

What is expected of me as an athlete? What qualities do you look for in a successful athlete?
We will work well together if you are…
Hard Working
Honest, Communicative and Trusting

What if I don’t feel ready for a show after prep is under way? Do I have to compete?
No, I will never make you feel like you have to or force you to compete if you feel you aren’t ready or if your body stops responding to dieting. In a perfect world everyone who setw a goal to get on stage would execute the plan perfectly. However, this isn’t always the case and there have been occasions where (for varying reasons) we have decided to post-pone shows or forgo them all together. 

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