1. Do you work with vegans or vegetarians?
Yes, I can work with vegans or vegetarians.

2. Can I pay more than 25% up front?
Yes, a 25% down payment is the minimum to get started. You can pay more or in full however, all deposits, regardless of the percent, are non-refundable.

3. What kind of training is expected of me?
The majority of my training plans are either 5-6 days a week and run for 8-9 weeks at a time. Clients will train using basic compound movements (bench, squat, dead lift, overhead press) and also utilize a variety accessory movements in order to shape the “ideal” competitive bikini physique.

4. Am I required to take any supplements?
I do not require any supplements or drug use. I DO make suggestions for supplements that will benefit my clients recovery, fat loss, muscle retention and general health.

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